Welcome to Malicious Damage Records...

Malicious Damage is a totally independent record label run by myself, Mike Coles, releasing new and original music without the commercial pressures and deadlines associated with a lot of bigger labels. We like to skulk in the shadows and do things our way, but we're not averse to a bit of limelight.

We love our artwork and packaging and you'll never find a Malicious Damage release in a cracked jewel case. Check out the gallery at the top of this page to see all our sleeves, posters and graphics, most of it designed by yours truly who was there at the beginning back in 1979 and brought the label back to life in 2003.

It's a struggle selling music in the 21st century so we hugely appreciate your custom - have a browse through the shop, buy a couple of albums, throw in a t-shirt or two, add some unique malicious artwork and help keep independent music alive.

“A stunning affirmation of a label which has stuck to its guns and released what it damn well wants, flying the flag for the original independent spirit and relentlessly throwing up stunning musical cross-pollinations shot through with dub, guts and a healthy dose of humour and madness. Malicious Damage is one of the few record labels to emerge from the late 70s independent explosion to not only survive but still operate in the original spirit of operating outside of the corporations and business straitjackets. With no allegiance to boardrooms the label has been able to fire out a staggeringly diverse array of musical styles and personal visions while keeping abreast of modern technology to assist in distribution and, via the website, invoking an essential feeling that those recording for and supporting the label are involved in some kind of close-knit, even inspirational, crusade for the right of artists to have their say where otherwise they might not get a chance.”

- Kris Needs

You can contact me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it