a cog in the universe shifted somewhere
when chester, alex and gaudi met in the studio

Quick nurse - the screen!

After a generation of duos, the power trio is back, hotwired into the 21st century
in the startling new form of SCREEN. But, where the threesome line-up, first
propagated in the mid-60s by the likes of Cream, used guitar, bass and drums to
rattle the roof, Alex Paterson, Gaudi and Chester have conjoined to tear down the
walls, powered by mutual obsessions with dub’s bass-propelled dislocation of the
norm, except used as a springboard.

It was a love of dub reggae which brought Alex and Gaudi together, the ever-questing
pair bonding over remixes and a monumental back-to-back soundclash on the Alex’s Chilled Chewy ChooseDays radio show. Studio collaboration was inevitable so, joined by percussionist-vocalist Chester, who Alex knew from his time in an early 80s incarnation of Youth’s Brilliant, they embarked on the intense series of recording sessions which have resulted in “WE ARE SCREEN”, one of the most startling creative and turbulent albums
of the new decade. Where technology often seems to squeeze the original passion and maverick dam-busting spirit out of music, Screen have appeared to rough and dub things up, both in homage to this most anarchic musical form, while also plugging into the kind of syncopated creative emotion which fuels great music.

To quote Joe Strummer, a cog in the universe shifted somewhere when Chester, Alex and Gaudi met in the latter's London studio, putting down beats as the creative collision between them turned into a hyper-sparking particle shower of new music. While its 12 tracks sport recognizable elements from previous signature sounds, the spirit of collaboration turns the album into a three-way odyssey leaving musical barriers as distant specks on the horizon, the afore-mentioned dub pulsing in the lower reaches or splintering vocals, which sometimes lend a cold, futuristic sheen to the messages.


Watch the JOYCZ video HERE.