Over the past 30+ years, Shriekback have managed to hack their own unique trail through the sonic swamp. Never bothering to check in at the counter of convention, the band, originally formed of refugees from XTC and Gang of Four, have led us through a curious mix of organics and mechanics and they have always sounded fresh and confident in comparison with any number of their contemporaries.

The sign of a great band is that it can manage to create, then expand on, it’s own own inimitable world using a trademark sound which, although recognisable, never ceases to grow and develop. Shriekback can be counted as one of those rare bands, at ease in their own skins with nothing to prove but everything to explore and still shout about.
Shriekback’s long and convoluted journey has developed its own outstanding quirks and qualities since being formed in 1981 by Dave Allen and Barry Andrews. The Shriekback sound and the way it’s delivered has matured and developed like a fine, potent wine, accentuating Barry Andrews’ personal but sometimes surreal lyrics, which are another story in themselves; their own brand of narrative, crafted so that every syllable packs a wallop, whether humorous, poignant or biting.

A mutual friend from the Killing Joke fraternity brought Barry Andrews and Mike Coles together when the former was looking for a sypathetic label to handle the Shriekback album “Cormorant”. We’ve now released 3 Shriekback albums and can proudly boast to have produced the only album ever released on an egg - the limited edition [50] boxed cormorant egg (scroll the gallery at the top of this page and you’ll find it).

Here’s what we’ve got in the shop:

Cormorant, 2008 expanded edition

Provoking and seducing in equal measures... a soulful, insistent and sometimes riotous collection of songs and distracting instrumentals, the album features the ever present musical heart of Shriekback - the vocal and lyrical alchemy of Barry Andrews, and the percussive bedrock of Martyn Barker along with Mark Raudva, Carlo Asciutti, Wendy Partridge, Barry Andrews’ son Finn and Andy Partridge who contributes some fiery guitar work, playing alongside Barry Andrews for the first time in the many years since the early incarnation of XTC. Full details HERE.

Glory Bumps

Are you feeling the glory bumps? You will be when you’ve heard this - a riot of anthems, hooligan choruses, huge guitars, big brass, a smattering of psychobilly and a shed-load of words - very reminiscent of the 80s classic, Oil & Gold. Full details HERE.

Life In The Loading Bay

Barry Andrews re-unites with original member, guitarist-singer Carl Marsh, and they find themselves producing the twelfth album to bear the Shriekback name [their third on Malicious Damage]. Life in this particular bay is a riot of incoming originality, incisive observations and mass musical mischief, sounding like Shriekback have another new trajectory to explore; more like living on a launch-pad. Full details HERE.

Watch the Flowers of Angst video HERE

Watch the Glory Bumps video HERE