Rootmasters: Push Once [10″ vinyl]




Rootmasters is driven by Alex Paterson & Nina Walsh.

This ten-inch offers four tasty morsels which will swiftly lodge themselves in your pleasure sacs, insidiously working their magic from within. ‘Book Of Hours’ is a metronomic dub-pulser topped with distant vocals which appear to be Lx somewhat recalling Metal Box Lydon. It comes with an Autolump version which starts with toupee-whisking duberama before a tribal techno beat steams in after three minutes, unleashing divebomb fx attacking a toilet-straining hippo and whistle-hook. The lovely ‘Janis Joplin’s Room’ is deep and dreamy, all dismembered voice bites before Nina’s vocals and stately oceanic theme with gentle hippo flatulence for percussion. ‘Elephant Puddle’ rides tough, almost military, breaks ushering in sonic madness and extra-terrestrial melodies before a booming bass riff takes it in a new, deranged direction which somehow ends up floating in space-jazz territory. With studio trickery, rampant exploration and avant garde whoopee of the highest order, Rootmasters have turned out a magic bus where riding is pure, brain-scrambling pleasure.”

Root One: Book Of Hours, Janis Joplin’s Mum
Root Two: Elephant Puddle, Book Of Hours [Autolump]

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Dimensions 28 x 28 x 1 cm


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