Shriekback’s Rapture Ready Endtime Advent Calendar




Shriekback’s Rapture Ready Endtime Advent Calendar.
First released as part of the extravagent Glory Bumps box set, now available on it’s own.
A lusciously packaged double vinyl album with real opening windows on the front sleeve. Includes three tracks not on the CD version.
Side Red
1: Hooray For Everything
2: The Bride Stripped Bare
3: Burying The Bunny
Side Yellow
1: Bittersweet
2: Amaryllis In The Sprawl
3: Mahalia
Side Green
1: Glory Bumps
2: Squanderer
3: Devils’ Onions
4: Varg 7
Side Blue (bonus tracks)
1: Soaked
2: Axolotl’s Friend
3: Queen’s Beast (band version)

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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 3 cm