The Orb:

C BATTER C [60pp book, CD & DVD]




This unique package is the physical manifestation of Battersea Bunches, the film shown at Brixton’s Red Gate Gallery last December along with an exhibition of related visuals by Mike Coles. The soundtrack is a 17-minute, specially-written piece by Alex Paterson and esteemed Berlin-based electronic pioneer Thomas Fehlmann, an Orb satellite member for over 20 years, now accompanied by a string of remixes which home in on the track’s constantly morphing moods and take them further out in total sympathy. The book contains Colesy’s images from the exhibition along with snatches of poetry from Alex Paterson & Lil Newell. The DVD contains the original Battersea Bunches film plus 3 video remixes by Colesy.

1: Battersea Bunches Original Soundtrack 17m 28s
2: To Battersea With Bunches [HFB remix] 6m 03s
3: Meandering Through The Emerald Turf [Gaudi remix] 5m 09s
4: Brixton Hundreds [David Harrow remix] 4m 39s
5: Latchmere Allotments [Nocturnal Sunshine remix] 4m 02s
6: Red House, Brown Dog [Being remix] 4m 59s
7: Beyond the Legend of the Battersea Asparagus Triangle [Autolump remix] 8m 15s
8: Batter C Bunny’s Munching Orbular Marrow Mix [Thomas Fehlmann] 9m 03s

1: Battersea Bunches original film 17m 40s
2: Esmerelda’s Turf 5m 09s
3: Nocturnal Bunch 4m 02
4: Brixton to Harrow 4m 39s

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C BATTER C [60pp book, CD & DVD]”