Analogue Mindfield

Visions in Sonic Sense [CD]




Roots, riddims, dub, trip ‘n’ chill all delivered with sensitivity and passion, laid down with an intrinsic feel for the groove – the results are 100% dynamite!

All in an amazing 3D sleeve with free 3D-spex!!

1: Anna Be Careful  2: Political Patsy  3: Downbeat Rebel  4: Need A Leader [dub]
5: Soul Crew  6: Reflections  7: Mediocracy  8: Family Ties  9: High Beam
10: Dreadup  11: Burnt Out  12: Eire Beag  13: Be Careful Out There  14: Music Man
15: Party’s Over  16: Visions In Dubnicolour  17: Need A Leader [reprise]

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Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 15 × 18 × 2 cm


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Visions in Sonic Sense [CD]”