Over The Hills & Back For Tea

A Ridiculous Collection Of Mercenary Rhymes




The book of the playing cards.
A beautifully presented book of Mercenary Rhymes from Mike Coles’s Over The Hills & Back For Tea playing cards project.
56 colour plates illustrating every card, and each one accompanied by a uniquely composed “mercenary” rhyme.
120 pages, measures 215mm x 152mm

“I work with musicians a lot and they are constantly remixing and deconstructing their own music so I thought this would be a good approach to my own graphic work. I’ve always wanted to do a set of playing cards and I started working on this, mixing and remixing my own imagery to produce 52 cards + 4 jokers. This wasn’t enough though, I wanted to make it more than a deck of cards, so I decided to do a book of the images from the cards. But this still wasn’t enough, it needed words and I started playing around with nursery rhymes, with which I’ve had a long-time fascination, using traditional ones but adding my own lines. Then I started creating completely new rhymes in the traditional style – the more I stuck at it the more the traditional stuff was stripped away until I ended up with the 56 mercenary rhymes that feature in the book, around 20% traditional and 80% me, although it’s difficult sometimes to tell the difference.”

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Weight .510 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 3 cm